Terrorists are invading Trump rallies and attacking people – not “protesters”. Never, ever use the word “protester” again. They are terrorist scum.


Washington, DC – It is a most surreal spectacle when a presidential candidate holds a rally for his supporters and is then blamed by everyone when operatives of his opponents invade, disrupt, shout, and assault bystanders and security. Yet that is what is happening in America today in the most despicable display of victim-blaming ever seen.

A presidential rally is just that – a private rally with the intent of rallying supporters, reinforcing the message, maintaining momentum, and further promoting the candidate. You do not have the right to assault bystanders at such an event. You do not have the right to disrupt such an event.

Freedom of speech means you can say almost anything you want and the government cannot imprison you for it – it does NOT mean you can invade a private event, shout slurs, and assault people.

And yet, something utterly surreal and bizarre is occurring in America today. As highly coordinated groups of Democrat, leftwing extremists invade and disrupt Donald Trump’s private events, media figures, political leaders, and even the President himself are engaging in a display of victim-blaming normally utilized by wifebeaters and sadists.

After months of demonizing Trump as Hitler in late night propaganda pieces, disseminated by their political mouthpieces and amplified by media whores, the vermin on the streets are receiving the message loud and clear: it is open season on the one man speaking out against the corruption and theft that has bankrupted the American people. megyn-kelly-excusing-inciting-violence-trump

The Democrats, starting all the way at the top with Baraq O’bama and amplified loudly through the megaphones of the national & cable news networks, are actively INCITING VIOLENCE against Donald Trump and his supporters.

What began as a demonization of the man as Hitler has escalated to rioting mobs in Chicago threatening to rape Trump supporters and claiming they planned to assassinate him had he spoken at the event.

In the light of criminal activity, death threats against a major presidential candidate, and continuous assaults at his events, CNN, Fox News, & MSNBC, just to name a few, are not only not condemning this frightening behavior, but ACTIVELY encouraging it and fanning the flames of hatred against him.

Only yesterday, a deranged leftwing fascist rushed the stage at a Trump event, where he came within feet of the candidate before a startled Secret Service barely brought him down. This is a direct result of Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, Jake Tapper, Ted Cruz, & Baraq O’Bama, who are directly inciting hatred & violence against their political opponent. They are attempting to incite a low-information, deranged moron into assassinating Trump by demonizing him as Hitler and implicitly saying that he deserves to be the object of violence. It is utterly despicable and the authorities should immediately charge Megyn Kelly, Jake Tapper, Ted Cruz, & Baraq O’Bama with endangering the public safety of a presidential candidate.

If ANYTHING happens to Donald Trump, if any Trump supporter is injured, and if, God forbid, Trump is harmed in any way at all, the blood of the injured will be directly on Baraq O’Bama, Jake Tapper, Megyn Kelly, Rachel Maddow, & Ted Cruz’ hands, just to name a few. Anyone who does not immediately denounce and condemn the political violence that is currently being carried out against an American presidential candidate is complicit in this incitement to violence. All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.


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